San Quentin baseball

It’s more than a game


The home team

Every time they step onto the prison diamond, our players regain a little bit of their freedom.

Every day, our players are working towards their rehabilitation while having a positive impact on the world outside the prison walls.

The 20+ incarcerated players and coaches on the San Quentin Giants play a full season of baseball from April through October against visiting civilian teams from the Bay Area and beyond. Over the course of the season, the program enables the Giants players to develop valuable life skills through playing together on the team and which provides an opportunity for them to connect and interact with civilians using baseball as a common bond.

Inside the infamous San Quentin state prison games are played on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and doubleheaders on Saturday’s. Our team is using the National Adult Baseball Association rulebook.

The visiting team

Every year, more than a dozen local and out-of-state teams visit San Quentin to play baseball.

Some teams have been coming into the prison for decades. Others have never set foot inside a correctional institution. Win or lose, our visiting players are guaranteed a baseball experience unlike any other.

Support the team

Here’s how you can support

The SQ Baseball Program is an entirely volunteer-run organization with no sources of outside funding.

 Visiting teams are welcome, but not required, to donate bats, baseballs, or gear (new or like-new condition). Additionally, the SQ Baseball Program has established Second Chance Athletics, a a 501(c)(3) organization, to accept charitable donations for the program. These donations are used to purchase equipment, maintain the baseball diamond, and facilitate the continued growth and expansion of the program. Donations can be made here.

Interested teams are invited to contact the program at to learn more about opportunities to play baseball at San Quentin and schedule a game.

San Quentin baseball

“it’s more than a game”